About us

Follow your passion, and success will follow you

Words of the CEO

Mr. Mahmoud Sokkar

Welcome to the Sokkar Mecca website. We are very happy to introduce this new website as it creates a convenient way for our customers to reach us, explore our products, and enjoy many additional services created with the customer in mind.

This idea is the core of the Sokkar Mecca philosophy; constantly evolving to better meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Every service offered, from the trade-in service, the largest spare parts inventory in the nation, to the after-sales maintenance is created to ensure that the relationship and support between the customer and Sokkar Mecca does not end with the initial sale, but continues for a lifetime.

Any dreams of expansion and growth are not meant to include only Sokkar Mecca, but the Egyptian textile industry as a whole. By offering a wide variety of products to large companies, such as Cottonil and Dice, as well as the at-home sewer, we hope to create more jobs and opportunities for Egyptians nation-wide.

Success is not an end point. Success is a daily mission. Once it is achieved, we move on to the next success. Our competition is not another business; it is yesterday’s success. How can we be better than we were yesterday?


Sokkar Mecca is dedicated to continuing to build on a reputation for providing reliable and professional service and good quality products. Through their products they aim to support and develop the burgeoning Egyptian ready-to-wear and fashion industry with its expanding pool of talent, as well as the many garment and textile manufacturers who supply both the Egyptian and export markets.


Sokkar Mecca is committed to providing quality sewing machines and dependable after-sales service for its growing customer base, thus enabling them to build solid businesses that contribute to Egypt’s economic wellbeing.

Mr. Mahmoud Sokkar

Chairman & CEO

Mr. Moataz Sokkar

General Manager

Ms. Sara Sokkar

Director of Marketing